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Another amazing event, Innovation 3.0 in the data space, at Carnival UK in Southampton

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Just back in the office today after spending a very enjoyable time in Southampton yesterday. The team there, in particular, Baiba Ziga, really know how to put on an excellent event, get professionals as speaker and push the conversation into the next generation of Innovation. Well Done!

This was my 4th time down at Carnival and I leave more inspired each time. The team there is really taking Innovation seriously and positioning themselves as players in the South of England when it comes to driving innovation into the Products (ships), Services (Passenger Customer Experience) and Overall Culture at Carnival.

A few of the many take aways from the event for me:

* In the mapping space, openness, collaboration but security and verified are being weighed against each other. This is explicit in how OS.UK moving headlong into the future but is applicable across all data areas.

* I thought some of the innovative solutions around the use of digital maps was fascinating: 5G rollout, the e-Cave project with autonomous vehicles and use of synthetic environments to test driverless cars. These are just scratching the surface of what will be possible as we move into the next generation data projects.

* The focus on visualisation of data to make it much more accessible to frontline staff will transform the power of data.

* From a corporate side, the sad truth that only 4% of companies are extracting real value from the data. Scary thought given the 'focus' on data in the board rooms.

* 40-60% of time is spent cleaning databases, enrichment comes later. This was very surprising to me, but I guess it makes sense given the siloed approach to data in the past and the lack of culture around sharing. This culture change needs to be head of the list of projects in any data strategy!

* Hanging onto data, making copies, is very prevalent and messes up security teams trying to maintain proper controls of personal and company data.

* Lastly, As more 'open data sets' are being shared, how do we ensure that open data is shared, maintained, upgraded and 'cleaned'? Right now there is no incentive to do this.

I look forward to my next trip South at the next Carnival event, always worth time and effort!

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