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Innovation 3.0: Moving beyond projects to Supply Chain for better Innovation

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Reflecting on a fantastic event at Carnival UK HQ in Southhampton last night. First of all many thanks to Baiba Ziga for organising! Superb line-up for the panel and expert logistical support the entire time.

Special extra treat today was a tour of the Cunard MS Queen Victoria ship, what an amazing floating piece of innovation and luxury. Embodies the fusion of digital technology and customer experience in one location and made it look effortless.

Great panel discussion and questions from the audience of about 80 people for the first ever event of this type hosted by Carnival UK. Great to see them embracing an open approach to innovation and driving cross functional discussions across multiple industries and disciplines.

A few takeaways for me were:

* Diversity in the innovation teams and across the company is critical to fixing the complex challenges facing the Carnival team as they launch newer and bigger ships.

* Engaging the entire organisation is critical to drive ideas from all employees, this needs to be led by leaders living innovation values.

* A hard look needs to be done regarding HOW ideas are gathered and scored to speed up innovation. Platforms need to be intuitive and tied to other systems.

* Business problems (and opportunities) are evolving faster everyday, moving to a supply chain mentality vs. projects is one way to try to keep pace with the disruption challenge.

* Teams need to work across functions and internal organisational silos to ensure duplication is avoided and you leverage the entire organisation's knowledge.

Look forward to seeing what event is next, worth a trip to Southampton. Thanks again for including me Baiba!

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