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Inogesis' CEO's Amazing Trip to Monaco!

Returned to London on Friday night from the first ever Cyber Security Connect UK 2018 in Monaco Great to see over 180 delegates and security professionals from the largest UK-based organisations and government, as well as over 45 cyber tech firms for the 2.5 day event.

The 5 key takeaways from the event for me were:

- The need to increase the speed and efficiency from articulation of the threat, to finding the right solution.

- Better partnerships & sharing required amongst the various communities (start-ups, corporates, government, law enforcement).

- Better engagement with the general public needed – there’s an increasing level of apathy building towards cyber protection.

-  The huge shortage of people (especially women) within the cyber security industry and how technology needs to help fill the gap – i.e. automation and AI.

- Better coordination across all programmes and funding, both private and public, to strengthen the UK Cyber industry.

Lastly, I’ll never forget the presentation by David Cripps and how he acquired an Enigma machine; and Paul Barriff, OBE and his harrowing story of his experience at the bottom of the World Trade Centre towers on 9/11. I have never seen an audience of over 150 people sit so still during a presentation, amazing!

Count me in for 2019 Martin Smith and Gerard Rio!

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