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  • Inés Luque

Inogesis from the Eyes of an Insider

Hello! My name is Inés Luque. I am a second year Management Science student at University College London, and I have had the pleasure of working with Inogesis as a Junior Business Analyst intern for the past eight months.

I still remember the excitement I felt when receiving the email confirming my place at Inogesis. It was the summer of 2020 and I was spending my family holidays at a small, remote village called Buceleiras in Galicia, the North of Spain. In this article, I hope to summarize and truly reflect the value and benefit that I’ve obtained from these eight months of learning.

When onboarding, I read through some of the key documents and slides to improve my understanding on Inogesis’ offering. These documents were filled with technology-related acronyms whose meaning I couldn’t figure out. I did manage to come up with some interesting wordplays and compositions instead. For instance, ETP (Exam Time Panic!) instead of ETP (Exception to Policy) or DPC (Doctor Pepper Cherry) instead of DPC (Data Privacy Checklist), were some of the most imaginative.

Inogesis, being a small start-up, got me working with all the team members straight away. Rob, the CEO, was a key player in the success of my learning journey. He has been my mentor and coach throughout, teaching me what the business world is really like and how to shape ideas like the ‘Disruption Workshop’. Tim, the Senior Advisor, introduced me to the importance of data-driven analysis to evaluate any potential solution for clients. He would make sure to slip in small nuggets of reading or knowledge into our conversations (e.g., Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s optimisation model), which I truly enjoyed! Kim, Head of Marketing, taught me the significance of being meticulous, conscientious and precise in any Marketing related process (e.g., when blog posting or in the making of the webpage). More recently, I have been working with Deb, COO at Inogesis, who has taught me the basics of project management. Teamwork at Inogesis emphasizes on the need of establishing good team relationships, splitting work and keeping a good attitude.

This experience has also made me aware of the reality of the business world. Heads of large corporates are busy people who spend their days jumping from one meeting to another, struggling to make time to even have lunch! A piece of work you might have spent hours on, might not receive the attention you expected. However, this helps to push the team into thinking more creatively to ensure that ideas are presented correctly.

I have learnt to master time management and stress. If I didn’t know how to do something, I would teach myself how to. I have enjoyed time at the office (when possible) and have discovered that technology consulting is a niche in the Management industry which I really enjoy.

Overall, it has been an extremely enriching adventure which I’m sure will positively feed into any other future experiences.

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