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Voyager Blue Ltd. on Inogesis' Innovator Showcase Program

During the past 30 years, Voyager Blue expertise has helped define and deliver passenger processing technology to the world’s airlines, airports and governments and, more specifically, technology to assist at all points of the passenger experience, particularly in scrutinising travel documents and identity data for governmental authentication purposes, including check-in desk, boarding gate, self-service kiosks, immigration & border control.

Today, we ask Voyager Blue Ltd some questions to find out about their perspective on innovation and security-focused technology in today’s constantly changing environment.

1.When did you initially have the idea to set up your own company?

Initially 2005.

2.What were the driving factors/reasons behind your decision?

A technology gap and a security vulnerability on what we know now as e-document or contactless / RFID ID and bank cards.

3. What has been your most difficult problem to overcome?

Heightening the vulnerability against pushback from the banking sector.

4. What do you feel are the emerging trends in the current market?

There will be a significant growth in the Ultra Smart Wallet, one that alerts you to a lost or separated wallet or purse, with a growing crowd capability to help locate it and have these items repatriated when lost.

5. Do you have many competitors? What are your USP’s?

Yes we have many competitors, many who completely ignore or simply don’t care about Intellectual property. Our USP comes from a detailed understanding of the problems and the best approach to solving them. We understand how people transact and travel and have applied 35 years travel knowledge into every solution we have invented, patented and then brought to market.

6. How do you/your organisation define innovation?

Constantly pushing the boundaries even when you are repeatedly told “It’s not possible”.

7. Have you had to alter your strategy or leadership style due to elements that have stifled innovation recently?

Put simply a leopard can’t change it’s spots, however, using two ears and one mouth is something we always advocate and as a prime example in early 2020 we won through BOOST Lancashire and FMCG, MBA qualified mentor, and his independent assessment and fresh eyes on our business showed us ways in which we should consider doing things differently and changing our strategy, for example; how we see the brand, how we see ourselves and most importantly how the market sees the brand. As a result we’ve begun to adopt the strategy put forward, virtually splitting our business in two, at least from a product point of view. One being luxury / premium the other being volume and commodity driven.

8. What mindsets, qualities, or talents do you feel characterises the Innovators whom you most admire?

Tenacity, Determination and an unwillingness to let negativity dissuade you, or talk you down.

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