We connect innovators and growth firms with our network of corporate organisations seeking their solutions to create new revenue streams and/or solve problems or challenges within their business. We then help these innovators become ready to partner with corporates to improve their chance of success.

Not only do we apply a rigorous and exacting process to curate innovators that show the most promise, we support their management teams to prepare them for market or future partnerships.

We hold seminars and events that provide forums for innovators, academics and government representatives where corporates can meet with them, exchange ideas and form new business relationships.

One large organisations said: “Inogesis gave us access to SMEs and innovation that we would not otherwise have had. In a nutshell, they helped major multinational companies attract emerging and disrupting technology to their supply chain.”

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Linen Hall 162-168, Regent Street, 
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+44 (0)207 096 1960  

The Virtual Technology Cluster Group is a company incorporated in England and Wales (T.A. Inogesis).